NVC Online Resources

NVC Online Resources

This page contains videos and links to many NVC online resources. It’s arranged under three categories:
1. Marshall Rosenberg free video, audio and written resources.
2. NVC Resources under themes – eg feelings and needs lists, parenting resources, prison resources.
3. Key NVC websites from around the world.

Marshall Rosenberg Free Videos Online

Below are links to some free online NVC video clips and downloadable audio clips of Marshall Rosenberg, creator of Nonviolent Communication, talking about NVC, and about conflict resolution. Since Marshall’s death in 2015 many videos of him have been posted on Youtube. Below are a few that we can recommend.

Marshall Rosenberg interviewed by Big Picture TV

Here are links to three free online streaming video clips of 3 short talks on NVC by Marshall Rosenberg, created by Big Picture TV.

Clip 1 – Nonviolent Communication – Part One (10 mins)

In the first clip of this two-part free online video series, Dr. Marshall Rosenberg talks about how society has suffered under political ‘domination structures’ that emerged about 8,000 years ago. He reflects on the origins of Nonviolent Communication and describes how the process can be used pragmatically in conflict resolution involving religion. To illustrate its effectiveness as a diplomatic tool, he finishes by describing how he helped restore peace in the conflict resolution process between two warring tribes in Nigeria.


Clip 2 – Nonviolent Communication – Part Two (6 mins)

In the second clip of this two-part free online video series, Dr Marshall Rosenberg talks about how we all too often deal with our own shortcomings in ways which ignore our basic human needs. He then goes on to describe how modern medicine can sometimes misdiagnose depression as a chemical imbalance, and explains how such diagnoses seldom look at the internal dialogues we all have that can lead to our feeling depressed.


Clip 3 – Life is Play (4 mins)

In this free online video clip Marshall Rosenberg talks about Teilhard de Chardin’s theories of human evolution and how we can move to a more natural way of being – one where no-one advances at the expense of another. He speaks of his own experiences working with Nonviolent Communication and how enriching the lives of others is the most rewarding work mankind can engage in.

Introduction to Marshall Rosenberg (10 mins)

Hear Marshall Rosenberg speak about the impact of the NVC conflict resolution process in transforming world conflicts, creating extraordinary relationships, and contributing to lasting peace in this free 10 minute online streaming video clip.  Interview by Jim Lemkin for his documentary film Beyond Belief.  See part of this clip from source at Beyond Belief Film.

Marshall Rosenberg introducing NVC in seminar (3 Hours)

A 3 hour video of Marshall Rosenberg in seminar in San Francisco in the year 200, presenting the basic concepts of NVC and interacting with seminar participants

Marshall Rosenberg – Visions of the Future

A 23 minute interview with Marshall Rosenberg, which summarises many elements of his thinking

Marshall Rosenberg on the theme of Organisation (83 Mins)

Marshall Rosenberg talking on the theme of Nonviolent Communication & Corporations. He is interviewed by Paula Gloria, a charity director and Public Access TV producer from Manhattan, from the Concordia Foundation. This free online streaming video is in three parts totalling 84 minutes.


Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life

Nonviolent Communication : A Language of Life

Chapter One of Marshall Rosenberg’s seminal book on Nonviolent Communication, free to read on the CNVC central website.


Audio Recording of Marshall Rosenberg (75 mins)

Marshall Rosenberg Free Audio  A 75 minute free online audio clip, taped on the Peace Talks radio programme. Marshall Rosenberg is captured before a live Albuquerque audience talking about how Nonviolent Communication supports conflict resolution. During this audio session, he also helps members of the studio audience find resolution to conflict scenarios using the principles of Nonviolent Communication. Co hosts: Paul Ingles and Suzanne Kryder. The program was taped at the First Church of Religious Science Auditorium on February 7, 2005. KUNM Community Radio Alburqueque Airdate 24th February, 2006.

NVC Audio Soundbytes

Nonviolent Communication SoundbitesA series of short audio clips of Marshall Rosenberg speaking on diferent NVC topics.  Prepared by Eric Altshuler, and available to download for free on the Centre for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) website. (N.B. You need to register on the CNVC website to gain access to the clips).


Online NVC resources arranged under the following headings:

Feelings and needs lists

NVC Feelings List: www.cnvc.org Feelings List NVC Needs List: www.cnvc.org Needs List

Lists of Feelings and needs words to help you with clarity and practice of Nonviolent Communication skills.

NVC Resources for Parents and Schools

The CNVC Parenting Project: www.cnvc.org Parenting Project
Project aiming to establish a world-wide network of NVC support for parents

Parenting Resources: www.cnvc.org Parents
This page from the Centre for Nonviolent Communication website contains various resources for parents, including links to four articles on parenting with Nonviolent Communication, as well as the following links. NB This page requires you to sign up to and login in to the cnvc.org website.

Marshall Rosenberg on Raising Children: www.cnvc.org Raising Children Compassionately
An excerpt from Marshall Rosenberg’s booklet, Raising Children Compassionately.

NVC Parenting Webgroup: Yahoo Group NVC Parenting
A forum for parents who want to live the principles of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) with their families. Through offering empathy and sharing experiences and information, this group seeks to support parents to raise children with the values and tools of NVC.

The Compassionate Classroom: The Compassionate Classroom
This resource book makes a case for putting relationships at the core of classroom concern. The authors suggest ways teachers can do this and focus on activities for cultivating Nonviolent Communication skills and consciousness. Activities and information for teachers and for students are included.

UK NVC Education Group: Yahoo Group NVC UK Education

A group for those based in the UK and beyond who are interested in working with NVC in Education. A chance to connect, share information and explore how to best enrich the lives for everyone within our schools.

NVC Resources for Prisons

CNVC Freedom Project: www.cnvc.org Freedom Project

The purpose of this project is to transform prisoners into peacemakers through training in Nonviolent Communication and the practice of mindfulness.

Article on NVC in Prisons: www.cnvc.org NVC for Prison Officers

Written by two UK NVC trainers who work in prisons. Detailed outline of NVC for prison officers, including examples.

NVC and Relationships

For support with your relationship view our page on relationship counselling on this website.

NVC Online Email Forums

NVC Europe: Yahoo Group NVC Europe
A forum to provide ways to connect with others in Europe, to exchange ideas, knowledge and information, to create an online archive of resource materials in different languages and everything else around NVC.

NVC Synergy Communication: Yahoo Group NVC Synergy Communication
You are invited to bring conflicts here (both parties, or one) and get help from other members in resolving these using NVC’s approach.

NVC Certification Candidates: Yahoo Group NVC Certification Candidates
An email group where you can discuss thoughts, ideas, information, questions, problems, observations, feelings, needs and requests relating to the CNVC certification process.

NVC Social Change: Yahoo Group NVC Social Change
A forum for people who want to promote social change using the principles of Nonviolent Communication (NVC). Through offering empathy and sharing experiences and information, this group seeks to support people involved in social change with the values and tools of NVC.

NVC Leadership: Yahoo Group NVC in Business
NVC Leadership focuses on developing the skills and consciousness of Nonviolent Communication* (NVC) in the context of training, coaching and facilitation. Jim Manske, Certified Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication, will act as Moderator for the group.

Other NVC Email / Web Resources

CNVC Network News: www.cnvc.org Network News

Your live connection to the global Nonviolent Communication movement. Hear information about new initiatives around the world, exciting upcoming events, and how NVC is making a real difference in people’s lives today. Prepare to be inspired!

NVC Quick Connect Newsletter: NVC Quick Connect Newsletter
Receive expert articles on the wide application of these effective communication skills, and exclusive specials on Nonviolent Communication books, Teleclasses, and more.

NVC Websites Worldwide

This section contains information about and links to other Nonviolent Communication® websites worldwide, arranged under the headings below. If you have a site related to NVC that you would like us to list here, please contact us.

Main NVC Websites

Centre for Nonviolent Communication:

www.cnvc.org This is the home site for Nonviolent Communication (NVC) worldwide. It contains information about trainings in Nonviolent Communication worldwide. Also contains articles and supportive materials for practice of NVC.

Nonviolent Communication Publications:

www.nonviolentcommunication.com This is the website for Puddledancer Press, which publishes books on Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg and others. It contains information about all these publications, including the first chapter of Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life, by Marshall Rosenberg. It also contains articles by NVC trainers and press information.

Nonviolent Communication in the United Kingdom

NVC UK Network Main Site: NVC UK Network Visit this website for information on NVC trainers, trainings and events throughout the UK. There is also a list of practice groups located around the UK.

NVC European site:

www.nvc-europe.org This site provides information and links to NVC trainers and supporters in fourteen European countries.

Nonviolent Communication in Europe

European sites by country:

Below are listed some of the main websites currently in Europe:

Nonviolent Communication Austria:

Nonviolent Communication Belgium:


Nonviolent Communication Czech Republic:

Nonviolent Communication Denmark:


Nonviolent Communication Estonia:

Nonviolent Communication Finland:
NVC Finland

Nonviolent Communication France:

Nonviolent Communication Germany:

Nonviolent Communication Hungary:
www.emk.hu Haava Eva Jonai

Nonviolent Communication Italy:

Nonviolent Communication Luxembourg:

Nonviolent Communication Netherlands:
Martijn Ceelen School voor Vitaliserende Geweldloze Communicatie

Helen Janssen www.helenjanssen.nl

Yoram Mozenson www.connecting2life.net

Justine Mol www.justinemol.nl

Matthew Rich-Tolsma About Me – Matthew Rich

Jan Carol van Drop Geweldige Communicatie

Jan van Koert www.vinecoaching.nl

Nonviolent Communication Norway:

Nonviolent Communication Poland:



Nonviolent Communication Romania:

Nonviolent Communication Spain:

Nonviolent Communication Sweden:

Nonviolent Communication Switzerland:

Nonviolent Communication Turkey:

Nonviolent Communication in the United Kingdom

NVC UK Network Main Site: NVC UK Network
Visit this website for information on NVC trainers, trainings and events throughout the UK. There is also a list of practice groups located around the UK.

UK NVC Education web-group: Yahoo Group NVC Education UK
A support group for those interested in developing NVC in the UK in the field of education.

Websites of UK-based certified NVC trainers:

Elizabeth English, Cambridge: www.lifeatwork.co.uk

Vicky Peirce, Cornwall and South West: www.come-back-to-life.com

Daren De Witt, London: www.nvc-resolutions.co.uk

Bridget Belgrave, Oxford: www.liferesources.org.uk

Gina Lawrie, Surrey: www.ginalawrie.co.uk

Bridget Begrave & Gina Lawrie: www.nvcdancefloors.com

Laura Harvey, Oxford: www.sharedspace.org.uk

Nonviolent Communication in North America / Canada

There are a large number of websites of trainers and supporters in this region. Below are some of the key websites. For a comprehensive USA list go to: www.cnvc.org USA

North America – key websites:

NVC Network: www.nvcaz.com

Los Angeles Yahoo NVC Community: Los Angeles NVC Email Community
San Diego NVC Group: www.sdnvc.org
San Francisco Bay Area NVC Network: www.baynvc.org
Santa Barbara NVC Community: SBNVC Yahoo Group
Santa Cruz NVC Center: www.nvcsantacruz.org

Institute for Empowering Communication: www.empoweringcommunicationinc.net

Boulder NVC Peacemaker Institute: www.peacemakerinstitute.org/NVCBoulder.htm
Harmonic Interactions: www.HarmonicInteractions.com

Florida NVC Group: NVC Florida Group
Suncoast Network for Compassionate Communication: www.nvcsarasota.com

NVC Hawaii: www.nvc-hawaii.org

NVC Maryland: NVC Maryland Group

Midwest NVC group: Midwest NVC Yahoo Group

Minneapolis / St Paul (Twin Cities NVC): www.tcnvc.org/

St Louis: www.heartfeltcommunication.com

New Mexico:
New Mexico Network for NVC: www.nvc-nm.org

New York:
New York Council for NVC: www.nycnvc.org
Brooklyn NVC: www.brooklynnvc.org

North Virginia:
Charlottesville Center for Compassionate Communication: www.basileia.org/ccc

Compassionate Communication-Central Ohio: www.nvcohio.org

Oregon Network for Compassionate Communication: www.orncc.net

NVC Ottawa: www.nvcottawa.tripod.com

Northwest Compassionate Communication: www.nwcompass.org

Washington DC:
Capitol NVC: www.capitolnvc.org

Canada – key websites:

British Columbia NVC Network: www.bcncc.org

Toronto NVC Network: www.nvctoronto.org

Quebec NVC: www.reseaugirafesquebec.com

Nonviolent Communication in Central America

Nonviolent Communication Costa Rica:
Find links to NVC supporters at: www.cnvc.org Costa Rica
Also visit: www.peacearmyofcostarica.info

Nonviolent Communication Mexico:
Find links to NVC supporters at: www.cnvc.org Mexico
Also visit: www.instituto-de-lo-sagrado.org

Nonviolent Communication in South America

Nonviolent Communication Argentina:
Find links to NVC supporters at: www.cnvc.org Argentina
Also visit: www.cnvargentina.com.ar

Nonviolent Communication Brazil:
Find links to NVC supporters at: www.cnvc.org Brazil

Nonviolent Communication Columbia:
Find links to NVC supporters at: www.cnvc.org Columbia

Nonviolent Communication in Africa

Currently there are no qualified NVC trainers resident in Africa. However there are supporters of NVC in the following countries: Benin, Burindi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda.

To find contact addresses for these supporters, go to: www.cnvc.org Find a Supporter

Nonviolent Communication in Asia


Currently there are NVC trainers and supporters in the following countries: China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Japan, Nepal, Pakistan, Palestinian Territories, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Turkey, United Arab Emirates.
For a full list of contact details for people in these countries go to: www.cnvc.org Find a Supporter

The following websites are also accessible:

Nonviolent Communication India:
NVC India Information:   Yahoo Group NVC India Information
Aniruddha, certified NVC trainer:   www.connect-2-life.com

Nonviolent Communication Israel:
Arnina Kashtan, certified NVC trainer:   www.meitarim.com

Nonviolent Communication Singapore:
Liz Gay, Singapore Centre for Promotion of NVC:   www.scpnvc.org.sg
NVC in Business, Singapore:   www.nvcinbusiness.com

Nonviolent Communication South Korea:
Korean Center for Nonviolent Communication: www.krnvc.org

Nonviolent Communication Sri Lanka:
Jeyanthy Siva, certified NVc trainer: www.sandhi.org

Nonviolent Communication Turkey:
Vivet Alevi, certified NVC trainer: www.siddetsiz-iletisim.com

Nonviolent Communication in Oceania / Australia

Nonviolent Communication Australia:
Find local supporters at:www.cnvc.org Australia
Also visit: www.nvcaustralia.com

Nonviolent Communication in New Zealand:
Find local supporters at: www.cnvc.org New Zealand