About NVC Resolutions

About NVC Resolutions

Daren De Witt - NVC Resolutions London UKNVC Resolutions is the vehicle I, Daren De Witt, use to share Nonviolent Communication and related processes via training and coaching.  I am a qualified trainer with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC), working online and in the UK.

I am keen to make a positive contribution to the lives of people.  I want us humans to live with more awareness of and respect for one another’s needs, and for the needs of other life on this fragile earth.

I bring a unique combination of different modalities to my work, of which Nonviolent Communication forms the basis.  I came across the book ‘Nonviolent Communication – A Language of Life’ by Marshall Rosenberg in the year 2000, and realised the profound paradigm shift it offers to our world – from a ‘power over’ approach based on analysing, judging and evaluating others and ourselves, to a ‘partnership’ approach through mutually connecting at the level of the heart and human needs.  From the year 2000 I trained extensively in the process of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), including attending many workshops with Marshall Rosenberg, the creator of NVC.  For several years I was a member of the team that organised his visits and trainings in the UK on his behalf.  In April 2003 I qualified as a certified trainer with the International Centre for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC).

My Early Influences

I have been on a lifelong journey in the field of personal growth.  At the age of 17 I developed an interest in Buddhism, and spent 15 years practising and then teaching Buddhism and meditation in the UK.  Whilst I value the deep philosophical insight of Buddhism, and its compassionate attitude towards life, I grew to feel uncomfortable with the Buddhist attitudes I encountered toward the body, sexuality, relationships and interpersonal communication.  I began to explore the field of psychology, and obtained a certificate in Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (National College – UKCP), a practitioners certificate in NLP (Bandler, McKenna and Breen), as well as undertaking training in Voice Dialogue and Inner Child work.

My Conflict Resolution and Mediation Background

Late in 1997 I began working in the field of conflict resolution and mediation, training with Conflict and Change in East London, the first conflict resolution community service in the UK, where I spent several years on the staff team.

My Relationships Training and Work

I have deepened my understanding of relationship dynamics through training with the Centre for Gender Psychology, where I have trained to diploma level in Contextual Couples Counselling & Coaching.  I have also trained in and practised the process of Voice Dialogue, which examines the bonding patterns that occur in relationships.  I very much enjoy sharing the fruits of my training and experience in the area of relationships through my relationship counselling practice.  Go to the Relationship Counselling page of this website to read more about this.

Working with Developmental Psychology & Trauma

Since 2015 I have been exploring and training in the field of trauma, especially developmental trauma – the type of trauma that develops in us over time, especially from childhood, in ways that we aren’t always conscious of, especially if it starts in the first years of life before our conscious memory has developed.  In 2015 I completed training in TRE, a body process designed to alleviate stress, tension and trauma manifesting in our bodies.  In 2019 I completed 4 years of training in Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy, also known as Identity Constellations Therapy.  This is an evolution of the Family Constellations process developed by Burt Hellinger.  Identity Constellations explores early development trauma, particularly in relationship to our primary carers, and how that is playing out in our lives on a conscious and unconscious level.  Go to the Identity Constellations Workshops page of this website to read more about this.

I am currently living in Hastings on the south coast of England.  I also have a counselling room near Liverpool St in central London, though I have suspended client sessions at this location for the time being, due to Covid-19.  I am seeing clients and facilitating workshops online, mainly using Zoom. In addition, I am seeing a small number of clients in-person in Hastings.

When not working, I am relaxing at home and enjoying the beauty of Hastings and the surrounding countryside.