NVC Coaching

Nonviolent Communication Coaching & Counselling Sessions
– via Skype/online or face to face in London UK

If you have an issue that is troubling you and would like some support to explore it then Daren can help you.  Daren offers 3 types of one to one support:

  • NVC Coaching – to help you develop and embed the skills of Nonviolent Communication
  • Conflict Coaching – To help you manage conflict that is manifesting in your professional or personal life.
  • Counselling with NVC or other processes – to help you to explore, understand and work through personal issues.
  • Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Coaching

    You may have undertaken some training in Nonviolent Communication and find yourself wanting to embed or develop the embryonic NVC skills that you have learnt. Or you may have read about Nonviolent Communication or watched online videos and find yourself wanting some personal input to support you to incorporate it into your life or communication. Either way, Daren can help you. There are two main ways that we can do this. We can either work through issues that arise in your life, using the perspective of NVC, thus supporting you to learn through real life, personal examples. Alternatively, Daren can share several of the basic Nonviolent Communication processes and models – eg the NVC approach to empathy or anger – and you can practice them during the sessions, thus building your skills and knowledge more systematically. Or we can alternate between both of these approaches.

    Conflict Coaching

    You may have found your way to this website because you have conflicts in your professional or personal life that you are wishing to resolve. Perhaps you recognise that you need more skill at dealing with conflict. Nonviolent Communication is a powerful tool for conflict management and conflict resolution, and Daren can help you utilize it. Daren is also familiar with other models, such as Transactional Analysis (TA), which he can share with you to help you develop the skills you need. Daren will share the most suitable models for your situation, working through your personal examples or live issues until you have sufficiently embedded the skills you need.


    If you have an issue that is troubling you and would like some support to explore it then Daren can help you. Daren can offer you empathic support using Nonviolent Communication, if you would simply like to be heard and support to help you connect with or understand your needs and how you might go about meeting them more effectively. Daren also works with several other counselling-related processes, including: Voice Dialogue – empathic listening to the different parts, or voices within you; Psychotrauma Therapy using the Identity Method, exploring traumatic experiences particularly in relation to childhood; TRE – a body process to help you release tension, stress and trauma held in your body; and relationship counselling to help you explore issues in your relationship (Daren also works with couples – see the Relationship Counselling page of this website).

    NVC Coaching or Counselling Options – Face to face or via Skype/Online

    Daren runs sessions from his office/counselling room, which is located one minute’s walk from the entrance to Liverpool St station in east central London, EC2M. Daren currently sees clients at this venue only between the hours of 12pm and 8.30pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
    Outside of these days and hours it is possible to arrange online sessions via Skype or other platforms on Tuesdays or Fridays and occasionally on Saturdays. When Wednesday or Thursday isn’t convenient, some people arrange to have their first session face to face at Daren’s office/counselling room on a Wednesday or Thursday, so that they can meet with Daren face to face on one occasion, and then have subsequent sessions online on one of the other days.

    Feedback from coachees:

    “I really needed to be heard with so much compassion and presence, so I want to express my gratitude to you. It gave me strength and perspective and there have been things that I’ve been able to solve, thanks to our first session.” – Kiki B, Dec 2015

    “Daren, I wanted to let you know how you have taught me so well, impacted me, helped me and continue to help me by your example. Our sessions were healing, transformative, creative, unique and very special….and I will never forget them!” – Sue B, March 2015

    “Thanks again for the work you did with me, Daren. Your support and coaching was very helpful and massively contributed to my development!” – Stuart L. March, 2014

    “I gained a true sense of being respected and understood from my time with Daren. This was in sweet contrast to help I have experienced elsewhere which has sometimes left me confused by interjections of judgement and analysis – stopping me in my flow and breaking rapport. With Daren I felt supported to deepen naturally and to develop my truth without ever consciously being therapised. This took me further, faster than I had imagined and I shall carry the acceptance I experienced with me going forward.” – Andy N, April 2014

    “I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for yesterday’s session: the positive effects of the empathy you give to me are felt even physically – my body today has felt noticeably “lighter” than usual and my mind clearer.” – Gianluca, March 2013

    “I can’t thank you enough for the sessions we have already had, they have yielded more than I could ever have hoped for.” – Nicky, March 2013

    Fees for NVC Coaching/Counselling Sessions

    Daren runs a sliding scale of fees, based on your gross income. Fees are outlined on the following table. If these costs would prevent you frm having sessions with Daren, please contact him to discuss.

    gross income

    Fee for 50
    minute session

    Fee for 1 hour & 20 min session

    Fee for 1 hour & 50 min session

    Less than £2,500




    £2,500 to £4,167




    More than £4,167




    Make a Payment

    If you have arranged a session with Daren and he has asked you to make a payment, please select the relevant amount from the drop down menu below, then click ‘Make Payment’. You can pay with Paypal if you have a Paypal account. If you don’t have a Paypal account, after you have clicked ‘Make Payment’ follow the link ‘Check out for guests’ to pay with a debit or credit card.

    Payment – select your amount from the drop down menu then click ‘Make Payment’.

    To enquire or to book a session/sessions

    Please contact Daren to discuss the number of sessions you might need, the length of the sessions and costs. Fill in the form on our contact page, or email Daren on the following address: nvcresolutions[at]gmail.com. Text or phone Daren on 07366 444 634.