PLEASE NOTE:  As of today, 14th April 2021, I am concerned that my contact form may not be functioning properly, as I haven’t received an enquiry through this form for approx 10 days.  This may be because recent updates to the WordPress programme which runs this website have interferred with my contact form configuration.  So to ensure that your message gets to me, please email me directly at nvcresolutions[at]  If you have time to both email me directly and fill in the contact form, this will help me to clarify whether the contact form is still working or not.

To book on a Nonviolent Communication training with Daren, or to discuss a personal appointment with Daren, or training for your organisation, please contact Daren De Witt by emailing him, or phoning or texting him on 07366 444 634. Or fill in the enquiry form below.

NVC Resolutions Postal Address
72 St Marys Terrace, Hastings, TN34 3LS, UK.  NB. This is a postal address only – sessions do not take place at this address.  Currently, under Covid19 restrictions, all Daren’s training and one to one work is taking place online.  Under normal circumstances (with no social distancing restrictions) Daren gives personal sessions in central London near Liverpool St station.  Workshops for the general public are held in locations around London.  Organisational trainings can be delivered at a location suitable for you.