Identity Constellations Workshops

Identity Constellations Workshops

It is with deep sadness that I am sharing here the news that my dear co-facilitator, Limor Regev-Peretz, passed away on Monday 3rd August, after a brief illness.  Having taken a break from facilitating workshops to mourn her passing, I have decided to continue facilitating these workshops on my own.  The next workshop will take place online on the weekend of 16th & 17th January 2021.  I am also available to work one to one online with people using the Identity Constellations method. – Daren De Witt.

Would you like to understand and resolve the deeper patterns and dynamics within you that block you from being in the world and relating to others in the way that you really want to?

NVC helps us enormously in our communication and relationships.  However, sometimes deeper patterns within us prevent the smooth flow of communication that we seek.  These patterns can be very difficult to spot within ourselves as they are often unconscious and habitual.  Also, it can be really hard to see ourselves as we appear to others in the world.

Daren’s own challenges in this area and his search for a way forward led him to Identity Constellations, (also called Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy, or IoPT) a process developed by Professor Franz Ruppert from roots in the Family Constellations method of Bert Hellinger.

 Identity constellations focuses on three core needs – safety, connection and authenticity – and how these needs were played out in the very earliest years of our life when our core identity was formed.  It is at this early period of our life that many of the patterns of our personality are created, and these patterns go on to influence us for the rest of our lives, for better and for worse!

The Identity Constellations process usually takes place in a group context, though it is also possible to work one to one with a facilitator.  The process harnesses the power of empathy and limbic resonance – our natural ability as humans to attune ourselves to each other on deep levels.  Within the context of the energetic field of the group, other participants act as respectful and supportive mirrors of our inner dynamics.

Identity Constellations workshops are rich, powerful and deeply engaging workshops that will help you to explore and understand your sense of who you are and where you have split off from parts of your true identity.  Gradually you will be able to reclaim long lost parts of yourself, enabling you to relate more effectively from a place of inner strength and authenticity.

If you find working in groups too challenging, Daren can also facilitate this process with you on a one to one basis.  Contact Daren to discuss this option.

Daren offers Identity Constellations workshops in London, though currently they are being held online due to Covid19.  Read below for a fuller overview of the Identity Constellations process, workshop dates and prices.  Instructions for booking are at the bottom of this page.  Or visit Daren’s website, for more information.

NB. These workshops are not NVC workshops.  However, they are very much aligned with NVC and have the same intention of supporting the development of healthy autonomy and conscious, non-coercive relationships with others.

Identity Constellations workshops and Covid19:

Because of current restrictions on movement and gatherings I am unable to run these workshops in a face to face environment.  So for the time being I am running them online on the Zoom platform.

Also, because I consider that sitting in front of a computer for a full day is not conducive to our health and well-being, I am running each workshop over two weekend mornings, a Saturday and Sunday, from 9.30am-2.30pm on Saturday and from 9.30am – 1.30pm on Sunday.  This allows us time to introduce the method and ourselves on Saturday and to facilitate a constellation for two participants (two ‘working places’) on each day.

We have now held several constellations workshops online and they were very effective, despite the participants being in their separate homes and connecting through the internet.  The ‘limbic resonance’ typical of constellations sessions was experienced by us all, and a deep level of trust and connection developed between us.

Workshops Times

In the online format, each workshop runs over two mornings (Sat & Sun) from 9.30am – 2.30pm on Saturdays and from 9.30am-1.30pm on Sundays.

Workshops Dates:

These workshops take place approx once a month.  Currently scheduled dates are:

Date:   Sat 16th & Sun 17th January 2021.    Location:   Online using the Zoom platform.
Date:   Sat 13th & Sun 14th February 2021.    Location:   Online using the Zoom platform.
Date:   Sat 13th & Sun 14th March 2021.    Location:   Online using the Zoom platform.

These workshops have been suspended for the time being. An update will be posted soon.

Comments from previous Identity Constellations workshop participants:

“I really love the identity constellations and they REALLY help me.  This time I have seen really instant results too, I have such a better understanding about myself and this week I have made some positive changes that feel like totally new territory, not going over the same old failed interventions but really getting to the heart of things.” – Phillipa G, Jan 2019
“On the workshop I found and brought back a piece of myself that has been buried for such a long time and that gives me tremendous joy and a renewed sense of inner strength.  I cannot thank you enough for such a precious gift.” – Carlotta Z, March 2019
“Today’s workshop has felt very gentle & patient.  We have had plenty of time & emotional space to give voice to those vulnerable parts of ourselves that have not previously dared to speak their truth.” – Jane S, November 2019

Background Theory

In early childhood we are caught between two primary needs.  One is attachment, the need to form a loving connection with others, usually our parents, in order to be looked after, to survive and to grow.  The second primary need is for authenticity – the ability to be connected to ourselves, to know what we feel and be able to act on it.  However, if being authentic to ourselves threatens our attachment to our parents or carers, then our need for attachment will overpower our need for authenticity every time.  Dr Gabor Mate explains this succinctly in this short excerpt below. NB. The relevant excerpt will start at 1:32:49. We suggest you follow it for approx 5 minutes to 1:37:10.

Identity Constellations Therapy defines this loss of connection with our authentic feelings as a Trauma of Identity.  We split off from our authentic feelings because our attachment relationships won’t support them.  We then cultivate adapted personality traits, or ‘survival selves’ to maintain attachment and to keep our authentic feelings from our awareness.  As we progress through life, our authentic feelings remain buried and out of reach and a more authentic way of being and relating to others eludes us.  As Dr Mate suggests, most of us have faced some degree of disconnection from our authenticity in this way.

Identity Constellations is a unique process that helps us to experience the attachment-authenticity dynamic as it played out in our early lives, from the point of conception onwards.  It does this by making use of our natural ability as humans to resonate with the body, feelings and cognitions of others.  As humans we tune into, and resonate with others all the time.  Identity Constellations harnesses and focuses this natural ability to support deep awareness and healing.

Identity constellations therapy will help you to gain an understanding of how your early life experiences are influencing you on a daily basis.

Step by step you will be able to:

* separate yourself from what others wanted you to be
* trust yourself
* make clear and positive choices
* honour your feelings as well as your body
* maintain healthy loving relationships
* become the person you want to be

What Happens on a workshop?

These workshops are an opportunity for four people to engage in a self-encounter process or ‘constellation’.  In each process the person working will come up with an intention to explore an area in his or her life.  For example, “I want to know why I am anxious around other people.”  This ‘sentence of intention’ will provide the framework for that person’s process.  Other members of the group support the exploration by participating in the process and resonating with the different elements of the person’s intention.

Everyone in the group can benefit from the experience, learning something about themselves either through participating or observing.

Price and Booking:

You can choose from two types of workshop place. Both offer personal insights, learning and healing.

Working place – £90:  Guarantees you a personal constellation

Participant place – £55:  Available as representative in the constellations

Working places are limited and fill up quickly. If time allows it may be possible to upgrade to a working place on the day.

To Book a Place on a workshop

To book a place on a workshop or to discuss this further, please email Daren at nvcresolutions[at] or via the contact form on this website.

Workshops take place approximately once a month.  Each workshop is self-contained, so you can attend one or attend regularly.

The workshop provides a safe environment in which to explore early life experiences.  These experiences can evoke strong feelings relating to early trauma.  Some participants might find that they need support between sessions to process these feelings.  If you don’t have access to support you are welcome to discuss this with us.

NB. These workshops are not NVC workshops.  However, they are very much aligned with NVC and have the same intention of supporting the development of healthy autonomy and conscious, non-coercive relationships with others.